Mk lifestyle…

It’s all about the journey. The path to the destination. Go on adventures. Live to adventure. Experience life! Go to new places. See new things. Meet new people. Share the stoke. Enjoy whatever you do. Ride the wave where it takes you.

It’s all about friendships. Always kite with friends. If you don’t have a friend on the beach, make one. Nurture your friendships.

It’s all about Respect. Respect your surroundings. Respect each other. Respect kiters and beachgoers alike. Respect elements. Respect nature. Respect small birds. Respect sharks. Wave to a seal! We all swim in the same ocean. Share it! Be grateful for everything.

It’s all about learning. Learning from your mistakes. Learn from nature. Learn from the people around you. Ask questions. Never stop learning.

It’s all about community. Have a voice, and listen too. Help a new person. Interact! Be Positive. Contribute positivity. Create positive things around you. Make people feel welcome and safe and they will do the same. Grow your community.

It’s all about your outlook. Sometimes you have to tell yourself; there will be better days. Life ebbs and flows. Be positive. SMILE!! (just try to have a bad time when you are smiling) Don’t spread negativity. Be a kid. Be HAPPY. Be yourself.

It’s all about cultivating yourself. Make yourself strong. Make your self better. Make your experiences better. Do things to make you feel good. Relax. Release. Grow. Play. Have fun.

It’s all about SIMPLICITY.

It’s all about the lifestyle… go fly a kite!

nature is amazing.  

to take only a small snapshot in time, cape cod was only formed in teh last 20000 years or so, when the last ice age was ending.  it’s been constantly eroding, shifting, growing.  I remember when a classmate of mine gave a report in like 4th grade on how Nantucket was shrinking at a rate of a few feet a year. Then I lived out there, and I saw houses being swallowed by the sea.  Nature is amazing.  It’s always changing.  There is no permanence.  

This past year there was a new break in Monomoy.  For a good part of the summer, the waters on the inside remained warm, until something shifted and the water started to get colder… some type of new current or siphon starting that was pulling water up from the outside ocean depths.  some currents in the ocean have been there for millennium.  others, like this one, are just starting.  

some things in nature you can trust for the long count… sun rises, sun sets.  the ,moon and the tides.  But others are in constant states of evolution and flux.  

when that break out on Monomoy happened, and we started kiting there, there was such a new excitement to it.  We were doing something different and fresh, and we were giddy with excitement.

this is something that kiting has taught me.  see the conditions, your session, with a pair of child’s eyes.  have fun.  be yourself and do what you want.  and be free.  the only rush is to maximize things in life that make you feel alive.  

The wind is not blowing, and we see some angst in the community.  Someone decided to post that they thought our website should be for local people only, in an attempt to keep the foreigners out.

This immediately caused my heart rate to increase, as my mind started thinking all the things I wanted say to this guy about how much of an idiot I thought he was.  But I read his post over, and decided to hold my tongue leave it to the community.  

And they did what i could only hope for.  And they were upset too.  They let him know.  People got to vent.  In the end, I think a display of angst from teh community is a good thing, becuase it makes people think about these things more than they normally would.  We all see people on the beach that we don’t know. Your mind can come up with a lot of crazy thoughts sometimes, but it’s how your mind is trained to react that makes the difference.  This is based on experience.  These posts, while bad in one sense because they are negative, are good in another because they help people create opinions that can be positive. The forum gives people a voice.  And even if they don’t use the forum, a lot of what they read is absorbed and processed.

In teh end, I’m happy our community is growing. I’m happy I read the negative words, even some that were directed at me, and didn’t really feel fazed because i knew this person was coming from such a weird spot.  

This guy probably had a bad day, and just needed a hug, or someone say “how are you?? good to see you!” and all of this could have been avoided.  We have an opportunity to bond both on and off the water.  even bad events can cause people to bond and share an experience.  That’s one thing that our com unity has… a lot of shared experiences.  

What does Mk mean to me?

We labeled it right by saying lifestyle.  Mk was born from a group of friends that didn’t really feel like they fit into the existing structure of things.  

We were all new and green and were fought from the beginning by people that had gotten there first.  So we set out on our own to do our own thing.  Because we felt like we were not welcomed into the community, we made our own community REVOLVING around making people feel welcome.  We wanted a place for people to share their ideas freely.  We wanted people to feel comfortable asking what they thought were stupid questions… and we wanted to help them find the answers.  It’s funny, because what we originally found as a roadblock, eventually became our enabler.  

Lessons learned and enforced through the Mk community.

It’s all about going over bumps in the road.  It’s all about learning.  Learning from your mistakes.  It’s all about friendships.  Respect.  Making the world a better place than we found it.  Make people feel safe.  Make people feel free.  Be a kid.  Play.  Enjoy what you do.  Do things for your community.  Have a voice.  Ask questions.  Share the stoke.  Create positive things around you.  Get rid of your old gear.  Your hardest crash can make you stronger.  Help a new person.  Live to adventure.  Ride the wave where it takes you, then go ride another.  Wave to a seal.  Some days are not the best, there will be better days. Drink smoothies.  Do yoga.  Do things to make you feel good.  Release your attachments.  Relax.  Release.  Be yourself.  Don’t gossip.  Don’t be negative.  Respect nature. Respect elements.  Respect chance.  Be wild. Be grateful.  Go to new places. See new things. Meet new people. Contribute positivity.  Share.  Be HAPPY. SMILE. HAVE FUN.  

I’ve learned so much from kiting!  It is a lifestyle I’ve chosen.  Choosing something that makes you feel free is such a beautiful thing!